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When it comes to trading one line stands the same from almost all the traders I have trained! How much time will I take to make money? Or how much time I have taken to make money? And if I say a random figure like 6 months to 1 year; it’s a mind-boggling situation for them! Everybody always seems to be in such a rush. Why? No one tends to be happy with the answer or some go to another institute or different instructor who promises profits in weeks! (Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues if someone markets trading like that) but maybe, it’s my trading journey which made me think like that or maybe it’s just that times have changed but I started to feel like how my dad used to say when I was growing up “oh this generation is quite impulsive and impatient; they need success without making any substantial effort” – and stuffs like that. However, it’s REAL! We live in an era where instant gratification has become a dominating factor. Meaning that people want that instant gratification, and if they don’t get it right away, they quit and move on to the next thing. It has always shocked me when it comes to trading. I guess the expectation everyone has is that you can become a successful trader in a very short period of time. Don’t worry! I also thought the exact same thing. When I was introduced to trading by Rahul (Trainer back then, now a good friend/mentor/boss) one thing he made me clear is that it’s slow and steady progress, you should not give up! And I was on the verge of looking for a second source of income! When I started learning, I was at ground level knowing what’s going on. So my journey has taken around 6 – 8 months or maybe a year with the constant help of my mentors! I don’t want to say I have mastered the market, reason being I don’t even think we can ever master the markets but to become consistently profitable in trading, so I understand how long it really takes and I have to tell you I have a new perspective for those who assume that they are going to be successful right away.

The question which I have in mind is why do we compare trading which is really close to gambling, closer to any other skill or a job? let’s take a random example of a skill or a job. Let’s say in I.T. Don’t you have to learn? I can’t say how much time it took for you to reach where you are in your job. Bodybuilding or fitness! Do you think you can achieve your dream body in a matter of weeks? It takes months and years of dedication, combined with discipline and patience and hard work! No Pain, No Gain my friends. I’ll take my example, I was a graphic designer working in a corporate and it took me years to become, what I was to make a decent income! (Everyone knows how the rat race works). However, that’s the easy part! To reach that level I had to finish my schooling, did my graduation, after that, I had to learn graphic designing so add another 2 years on that, and as soon you finish that course you need to learn the corporate way of learnings when it comes to designing! So altogether, it took me 6 years (3 + 2 +1) apart from my schooling years to develop or learn a skill and finally mastering it to get a hang of what I was doing in corporate! Yet, so many traders, think that they can earn a huge amount of success in trading in a matter of weeks or months! Let me tell you this, I have taught quiet a lot of traders in my career and the timeline for success is always different. Now, there are those who are extremely dedicated and sharp, they can get it right away and there are others who never get it, to be honest, and there are some in the middle that takes their time to understand what trading is.

I always tell my students I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it. (Yes, the famous dialogue from “The Matrix” movie) meaning I can teach you trading, the skills required for it, but it is you who have to go through your trading journey! Me, or any trader in the world, cannot make or do a replica of any trader’s style as everyone has their own personality! Moreover, you need to trade based on your personality and become consistently profitable. That takes time! Learning how to trade and trading is a completely different picture. Let me give you another example of mine. I learned how to drive a car early morning when the streets were empty.  Trust me I learned it in 2 days!! (Not exaggerating). My trainer was impressed. However, when I hit the streets and got the driving seat, it was a different story. It did not take much time for me to understand what reality is! Trading is no different! So to most traders out there, I would say once you finish learning how to trade, it would take near to a year or so to get comfortable with trading.

Now coming back to the topic of instant gratification! Does it happen all the time? No! When it comes to learning how to trade, you need to focus on the big picture. Why has everyone focused on the reward right away instead of the big picture which is much bigger and important? Now, I have to tell you this, there are some of them who are making consistent returns as soon as they finish the course, and I can say they are extremely talented. However, most of them out there, including me will take time to follow the rules when it comes to trading! Like for example, I remember my dad promising me when I was in my 10th grade that he would buy me a PlayStation (video game) if I just pass the 10th grade! (yes I had a tough time passing) It may sound funny, but I did a lot of hard work to pass the exams! The thing which drove me to study was the reward I would get after a year (PlayStation). That’s the big picture! So next time when you are frustrated not seeing profits rights away, understand it takes a good amount of time to become a profitable trader. When you watch other YouTubers and Instagram profiles who promise big returns and change your lifestyle in a week, be REALISTIC. What you will be doing will not be different from any other job out there; in fact, I would say it’s even more difficult. You are an entrepreneur as a trader! You are growing and building your business slowly and steadily. Most businesses fail within a year! So just because you are not achieving the results you want right away, doesn’t mean you are a failure. SUCCESS TAKES TIME. If you go through the steps the right way, it may take a little bit longer now, but it’s going to open the doors of so many years of pleasure wealth and happiness down the road and that’s the BIG PICTURE! Don’t you think that’s important? I think so!